Tapping for Weight Loss & Body Confidence

If you have struggled with losing weight and unhealthy body image longer than you care to remember... 

Maybe you even have begun to believe that there is something wrong with you and your body. Understand that underlying, typically unconscious, factors are causing your weight to go up and your body confidence to go down (regardless of what the scale says).

Most weight loss programs and diet plans offer a solution without first understanding what is causing the problem.

The good news is that you can learn how to apply EFT Tapping strategically. This simple self-help technique enables you to get to the deeper cause that creates the problem in the first place and then corrects the body's imbalances quickly, allowing you to achieve your goals. Thousands of men and women have successfully lost weight with it and kept it off. You can, too!

Yes, I Need This

Do you feel that food is more potent than you or like a failure in willpower and healthy eating? 

When you look in the mirror, do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed?

Have you begun to think that you are not capable of releasing excess weight and keeping it off?

 "I was skeptical at first, had tried tapping a few years back with not nearly this much success, but the sessions with Maria convinced me that this is working! I am now tapping on my own regularly to keep my anxiety in check, get back into my body, move emotions out, and look forward to my next session! Thank you, Maria!"  

~ Karen Wegehenkel, Medford, Oregon 

In a culture of trying harder and doubling efforts if something is not working, we often lose sight that for results to change, we must take a different approach.

You may be thinking - I’ve tried everything, my case is different, this won’t work for me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and you are capable of releasing excess weight and keeping it off. You have just been misguided and need to take a different path.  


Tapping is clinically proven to: 

Lower Food Cravings

Emotional Well-Being

& Result in Weight Loss Without Dieting

Research suggests that Tapping produces faster, more meaningful, and
longer-lasting changes than well-established psychological techniques.

Not only I, but many other people just like you have successfully used Tapping to lose weight,
keep it off and enjoy optimal body confidence. If you want to lose just a few extra pounds
or much more than that, Tapping can help you.

Tapping for Weight Loss & Body Confidence is Different!


I know this may not be your first attempt to let go of extra weight for many of you. In a world full of ineffective diet plans, punitive exercise regimens, and countless experts telling us what we're doing wrong, it's easy to believe that weight loss is impossible and that our mindless eating habits are hopelessly beyond any possibility of change.


"Maria LiPuma knows exactly how to do this tapping procedure. Her gentle voice and knowing what to say during the tapping experience have healed me more than ten years of therapy.

I highly recommend Maria as an amazing healer who really knows how to teach this method of Tapping."

~ Lori Zee, Palm Springs, Florida

In this course

I introduce you to Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping
and a few other related; simple, remarkable neurological-repatterning tools that will
help you release your cravings, relieve the anxiety behind your self-soothing food choices,
and set you on a path of food freedom and authentic body love with ease.

"Maria teaches gently techniques that offer students hope of transcending unwanted habits and the freedom to learn and grow in their own way.

As a result of attending her group, Women, Body Image & Self Esteem I am free of cravings and can shop for groceries sensibly.  I also began meditating for the first time in years due to a newfound ability to focus. In addition, I have learned the importance of being gentle with myself and using my feelings as the guide for change.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I want everyone I meet to learn and enjoy the benefits of these techniques."

~ Suzanne Dunford, Medford, OR

Maybe you are already familiar with Tapping

and have been using it to help manage and reduce cravings and urges to overeat.
This alone is invaluable. However, the cravings will keep recurring if you don’t address the 
underlying emotional reasons for wanting to eat


Women often experience sheer frustration when it comes to losing weight and food issues. They have ingrained underlying beliefs about their body, their ability to lose weight, fear of never getting over the food/weight problem, and on and on. The situation can feel hopeless.

In Tapping for Weight Loss & Body Confidence,

I guide you in specific applications to reduce cravings and urges to overeat and most importantly how to clear the deeper drivers that keep you from releasing excess weight, keeping it off and enjoying optimal body confidence.

It includes 24 guided Tapping sequences and how to apply them to your specific challenges, enabling you to collapse the limiting beliefs that have been blocking your weight loss success.

Tapping for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

24 Guided Lessons to Release Excess Weight and Enjoy Food Freedom

Yes, I Need This!

Hi, I'm Maria LiPuma

I have been helping health-conscious women overcome challenges with food, weight, and body image for the past 25 years. 

For years I struggled with my difficulties with food, weight & body image, addictive behaviors, and low self-esteem.
Motivated by my desire to end the struggle and find peace in these areas, I became obsessed with learning everything I could to solve this problem.
You see, deep down, I believed that human beings were not meant to live in so much pain and struggle.

Driven by my desire to find answers, I persevered, learned a lot, and finally found the keys to freedom.

As a result, I have been committed to helping women go beyond destructive patterns and transform their relationship with food, weight & their body image into experiences of freedom, peace, and success.

Among the many strategies and tools that I have learned and applied to my own life (and now teach to my clients and students), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have significantly impacted achieving results. 

They have been invaluable tools in helping me to make peace with my emotions, addictions, and body image, stop the self-sabotage and finally positively step into my life. 

These techniques have empowered me to make the choices that reflect self-love and self-respect in all areas of my life.

Are You Ready to:

Let go of unhealthy food cravings?

Stop emotional eating?

Release excess weight?

Overcome core issues underlying overweight?

Increase your confidence and positive body image?

 "Maria offers a safe environment to work through deep issues. I always knew that it wasn't just about what and when I eat and how much I exercised. There were deeper reasons why I held onto weight and why I put it on in the first place.......I had some major breakthroughs and we did deep work together.....I feel a freedom that is priceless." 

~ Amber Rae, Medford, Oregon

"Before working with Maria, I was struggling with my emotions and how to deal with them.

Every time I was stressed, I would eat, every time I was overwhelmed, I would eat, every time I was upset, I would eat, even if I wasn’t hungry. I would constantly compulsively overeat, then I would feel guilty and judge myself for it. I was aware of my behavior but I didn’t know how to stop it in the moment and change this self-destructive way of dealing with my emotions.

Once I started working with Maria, I quickly started feeling calmer and learned how to get out of flight or fight mode and calm myself down without food. I learned how to give my emotions a voice and not judge them and I stopped resorting to food to stuff my feeling.

Maria taught me how to deal with them energetically and how to embrace them and let them be until they dissolve on their own, I learned how to stop judging them and avoiding them.

I am now more mindful and aware of how I feel and I have the tools to embrace my feelings and release them quickly and easily.

Coaching with Maria was such a delight. Maria brings this natural calm, loving, compassionate gentle, patient, energy, that was very nurturing to me.

Maria is an expert in Modern Energy Techniques and stress management.

I highly recommend working with Maria to anyone who feels stuck in unhealthy self-sabotaging behavior patterns and is ready to heal from the inside out and live a life of joy, purpose and fulfillment."

~ Lilly Saouli, Chicago, Il


"It's been a gift to work with you, Maria. You are available and over this past year I have gained support, acceptance and education. Since I have been working with you, I have been consistently using EFT as a healing tool. It keeps me from catastrophizing my own thoughts, emotions, and situations. It releases my anxiety and worry and aids in my making decisions.

People need to know that you know your energy work; you continue to keep abreast of your craft. You’re available when they need your expertise and you continue to support them by being in contact with them. Continue to do the great work. Thank you."

~ Makhosazana, Medford, OR


Features of the Course

  • Overcome Emotional Eating: Break the destructive pattern of stress and emotional eating, stop stuffing yourself with excess food instead of nurturing your emotional self.
  • Eliminate Cravings: Take charge of your day-to-day thoughts and actions and finally be free of uncontrollable food cravings. 
  • Reduce Stress: Recognize how frequent or chronic stress makes it impossible to achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals and clear stress patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • Release Excess Weight: Be able to enjoy food, be nourished, feel satisfied, and eliminate the need to overeat, allowing you to let go of excess weight with ease.
  • Body Confidence: Upgrade your self-image. Enjoy your body. Feed it nourishing foods and pleasurable movement out of self-respect.

Make peace with your past and live life with success!

  • All 24 lessons are easy to follow along.
  • Includes a guided visualization to aid you in reaching your perfect weight & body image goals.
  • I personally respond to any questions you might have as you go through the course materials.
  • Access to my private Face Book group, Beyond Diet: Women’s Weight Loss & Body Confidence Community


Plus, three additional modules to support you in clearing any other blocks (past, present and future) that may be in the way of you reaching your goals.

Are you ready to finally be free?

You will have lifetime access to this comprehensive library of food, weight, and body image topics and how to apply Tapping to clear them, so you can finally align with your health and fitness goals and enjoy optimal body confidence.

I'm Ready to Be Free!

You May Be Thinking...

What if I don’t have time to dedicate to this program?

I know that many women today live hectic lives. You may feel unable to add anything else to your already busy schedule without getting more stressed and overwhelmed.


That’s why I created 24 guided lessons

in short, easy to apply videos. Each video is 10 -12 minutes long yet very effective. You can go through the videos one at a time, or if you have more time, you can lengthen the session by repeating the video or watching a few at a time. You get to choose!    


You May Be Thinking...

I am brand - new to Tapping and not sure if I can learn
these techniques and apply them properly to get results.

No worries!

  • I go into specific details explaining how to apply the techniques and best practices for great results.
  • Once you purchase the course, you can watch the videos as often as you like to master the techniques.
  • You also can ask me questions directly in the course chat, and you will receive a timely response to clarify any confusion.
  • In addition, I encourage you to join my free FaceBook group, where I’m happy to answer any questions.    

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so happy to offer Tapping for Weight Loss & Body Confidence, and I believe you will appreciate and benefit from this course. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, contact me within 30 days, and I'll issue a full refund.