"Maria’s expertise has proven to be extremely beneficial to me. Her ability to understand women’s issues in relation to body image, self-esteem, personal transformation and spiritual development and integrate it into her practice has truly been a gift to be treasured. Maria advises and assists without judgment, encourages without pressuring, and celebrates the smallest efforts and accomplishments. Maria’s professional guidance and compassion has enabled me to move forward in my life’s journey with much less weight…physically, emotionally, spiritually, and for this, I will be forever grateful."

– Patricia Zeff, Long Island, NY

"I worked with Maria during a critical health crisis that literally stopped my life. I enlisted many different forms of healing and therapies, and working with Maria was the most profound and effective for managing my nervous system and healing trauma. She was calming, she expertly clarified the main issues, addressed the traumas in very safe and nurturing ways.  I left every session re-centered with more healing than before the session.  I myself am trained in nervous system regulation and trauma techniques, and experienced her to hold tremendous skill, a very loving heart and an abundance of compassion. This is the way healing should be, absolutely no harm only continued progress.   I invite everyone to experience the opportunity of working with Maria. You will be so glad you did." 

– Alaya Ketani, Ashland, Oregon

"I just completed my fifth private session with Maria today. Just like the other four, it was very powerful. Maria guided me gently through some big emotional releases. The tapping and the other modalities she uses really do get stuck energy moving! Today’s session went as far back as my early childhood. I appreciate her insights, the safe space, the homework suggestions. Even though this session did not address my physical body, two of the other sessions did, and I was able to actually improve my health with this. 

I was skeptical at first, had tried tapping a few years back with not nearly this much success, but the sessions with Maria convinced me that this is really working! I am now tapping on my own regularly to keep my anxiety in check, to get back into my body, or to move emotions out, and look forward to my next session! Thank you, Maria! " 

– Karen Wegehenkel, Medford, Oregon

"Maria teaches gently techniques that offer students hope of transcending unwanted habits, and the freedom to learn and grow in their own way.

As a result of attending her group, Women, Body Image & Self Esteem I am free of cravings, and can shop for groceries sensibly.  I also began meditating for the first time in years, due to a new-found ability to focus. In addition, I have learned the importance of being gentle with myself and using my feelings as the guide for change.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I want everyone I meet to learn and enjoy the benefits of these techniques."

– Suzanne Dunford, Medford, OR

"Working with Maria was a life-changing experience. Areas I had been blocked were accessed faster than anything else I have tried, and I experienced massive shifts after each session. I felt completely safe and seen which allowed me to process some very painful experiences with much more ease than I could have ever anticipated. I would recommend Maria’s services to absolutely anyone truly ready to make serious changes in their lives. "

– Ren Hurst, Ashland, Oregon

"I wish I had the words to tell you how much you and your guidance, expertise, and gentle, encouraging nudges mean to me.  Truly.  No amount of money, nor anything I can ever imagine doing could possibly repay you for all that you have done and continue to do for me.  You're always so humble and gracious and pass it off on me, and while I know that it is I who must do (& is doing) the work, the honest to goodness truth is that without your knowledge, guidance, and support I wouldn't be making the progress that I am.  I have floundered for 10-20 years trying to deal with much of this stuff, with varied success.  I have grown more in the last 4 months than anytime I ever remember.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart." 

– Jennifer Behnke, Medford, Oregon

"Since working with Maria, I feel like I’ve been able to identify and manage stress reactions more quickly and am able to move on with my day rather than losing hours upset. I’ve also been able to replace a lot of the negativity and self-doubt that had been causing me to shut down and lose productivity. Finally, I feel more centered in general and at peace, moving with more confidence and less anxiety and second-guessing.

I really enjoyed that we didn’t even have to go into the many different moments of trauma in my past and didn’t spend time analyzing which things cause me anxiety and depression today. I’ve gone through the why many times, and it hasn’t helped me move forward and stop being periodically paralyzed by sadness and fear. I liked working on actionable steps and creating tools that I can return to again and again. I liked that the goal is to look and move forward. I also really appreciated the vast knowledge and experience you have with integrating energy work with other actions that require mindfulness and how to implement tapping in coordination with eating/diet.

In addition, I appreciate how incredibly patient you are and that your lived experience informs how you help and guide others."

– Rebecca V. Whedon, NY, NY

"When I first met Maria, I was so stressed as a result of PTSD. I was in physical pain and suffered from IBS. My mind was foggy and I couldn’t have a normal relationship because I had so much fear.  I had tried so many approaches and therapies to help me. Since working with Maria, I no longer run away from my trauma and feelings. I have learned how to release them and as a result it feels that my blocks to inner peace and happiness are removed.  I believe my brain has changed!  My thinking is clear and I am now able to have healthier relationships with others.  In addition, I have little to no pain in my body and my IBS has pretty much cleared up. It feels like my eyes are open and I’m living life again! The only regret I have is that I didn’t find Maria earlier. I would have saved myself so much grief." 

– Kathleen Hogstom, Ashland, Oregon

"Maria offers a safe environment to work through deep issues. I always knew that it wasn't just about what and when I eat and how much I exercised. There were deeper reasons why I held onto weight and why I put it on in the first place.......I had some major breakthroughs and we did deep work together.....I feel a freedom that is priceless." 

– Amber Rae, Medford, Oregon

"Since we began working together, I am so much more aware of my body and my eating habits. I like how well you held me as a client even though our sessions were done on Skype. I really didn’t notice a difference in being so far away from you and was pleasantly surprised by how much I still got out of our meetings. In addition, our work together gave me more tools to work with …., as well as tools I believe I’ll be able to help my clients with.

People should know that you have the potential to help them unlock things that they may not be expecting, depending on where they’re at in their healing journey, and to be ready for life changing possibilities.

I have already recommended you and your services. I look forward to working with you some more."

– Rezal Roxanne, CA

"Before working with Maria, I was struggling with my emotions and how to deal with them.

Every time I was stressed, I would eat, every time I was overwhelmed, I would eat, every time I was upset, I would eat, even if I wasn’t hungry. I would constantly compulsively overeat, then I would feel guilty and judge myself for it. I was aware of my behavior but I didn’t know how to stop it in the moment and change this self-destructive way of dealing with my emotions.

Once I started working with Maria, I quickly started feeling calmer and learned how to get out of flight or fight mode and calm myself down without food. I learned how to give my emotions a voice and not judge them and I stopped resorting to food to stuff my feeling.

Maria taught me how to deal with them energetically and how to embrace them and let them be until they dissolve on their own, I learned how to stop judging them and avoiding them.

I am now more mindful and aware of how I feel and I have the tools to embrace my feelings and release them quickly and easily.

Coaching with Maria was such a delight. Maria brings this natural calm, loving, compassionate gentle, patient, energy, that was very nurturing to me.

Maria is an expert in Modern Energy Techniques and stress management.

I highly recommend working with Maria to anyone who feels stuck in unhealthy self-sabotaging behavior patterns and is ready to heal from the inside out and live a life of joy, purpose and fulfillment."

– Lilly Saouli, Chicago, Il

"Having been in the healing arts for the last 2 decades I've seen some amazing practitioners and Maria LiPuma is one of the best. I find her to be like a jedi in the realm of helping move the energy of emotions and shift the stories that prevent me from living my most authentic life. With gentleness and great understanding, she creates a safe and respectful container for healing to unfold. I highly recommend Maria's work to anyone who is wanting to transform the difficulties of their life into growth and healing."

– Ron Veitel, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, Talent, Oregon

"It's been a gift to work with you, Maria. You are available and over this past year I have gained support, acceptance and education. Since I have been working with you I have been consistently using EFT as a healing tool. It keeps me from catastrophizing my own thoughts, emotions, and situations. It releases my anxiety and worry and aids in my making decisions.

People need to know that you know your energy work; you continue to keep abreast of your craft. You’re available when they need your expertise and you continue to support them by being in contact with them. Continue to do the great work. Thank you."

– Makhosazana, Medford, OR

Maria is the best health coach that I have ever worked with, and believe me, I've had a few. I was abused by my dad, when I was a child. I stuffed it way down. As a result of our work together, I have stopped binging and purging, and doing other destructive behaviors.

Maria is not only great at EFT and whatever else she has learned, she has an incredible way of making me feel comfortable and safe, with anything. She is also the kindest and most loving healer, that I have ever known! I can tell her anything, and I have, and she never judges. She is also, so honest about things that she has gone through, which makes it easier to relate. She has taught me so much about my inner child, and how to take care of her.

I feel my self-worth and I'm learning to love myself. I could never thank her enough for her genuine love and kindness. She has also taught me how to eat, without guilt. Love you Maria! Thank You!

~ Lori Zee, Palms Springs, Florida

"I really can't thank you enough for your help. It was so empowering and just to be able to release the negativity has put me in such a wonderful place. I feel that there has been a major energy shift in my life and I am really looking forward to the future with a sense of hope. My goal is to remain positive and to focus on being present. Truly could not have done it without you."

– Ed Dugger, NY

"Maria's work has gone deeper than I thought possible and transformed my inner and outer worlds for the better. She helped me to see thought patterns that held me back from my true happy and healthy self. Her work allowed me to see the unconscious thoughts I was telling myself. Once I became aware of these patterns and was given the tools to transform them, I broke the negative cycle I've been in for years.” 

– Lyndsay Rose, Crestone, CO


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