How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off!

Jun 25, 2020

Weight Loss and Diets! Are They Working for You?

By now many of us know that in the long run diets typically do not work. Many diets are successful in helping produce temporary weight loss and the short-lived good feelings that go along with them. However, from a physiological and psychological perspective most diets are doomed to fail. As a result, we have embraced a diet mentality that is insidious and often results in and encourages dieters to be in a constant war with their bodies.

In order to achieve sustainable weight loss, you must begin nourishing your body with healthy, delicious foods and begin uncovering and healing the root causes that had you put weight on in the first place.

In this video I discuss how addressing the physiological and emotional body must go hand in hand in order to lose weight and keep it off.

If you are struggling with emotional eating.
Get my free E book, “Three Essential Practices to Overcome Emotional Eating” here: ...

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What's Really Keeping You From Releasing Excess Weight?

May 12, 2020

Are you struggling to release excess weight? Or once you have lost the weight does it quickly come back on?

If you are having difficulty losing weight and/or keeping it off then you might be overlooking a common core issue that needs to be resolved before you can achieve sustainable weight loss.

The issue can simply be whittled down to this question, “Are you putting your life on hold until you lose weight?”

Many women tell themselves that when they lose the extra pounds, they will; begin dating, look for a new job, speak up to my husband, learn to dance, buy nice clothes… you get the picture.

The truth is we often have fears about taking actions in some area(s) of our lives, holding on to the struggle with weight we avoid living a fuller life.

In this video I’m inviting you to take a closer look and begin exploring the deeper drivers that are in the way of you reaching your health and fitness goals. In it, I give you an easy technique that will aid you in...

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Are Food Cravings & Emotional Eating Sabotaging Your Weight?

May 01, 2020

Overcome Food Cravings and Emotional Eating

If you want to put an end to uncontrollable food cravings and emotional eating it is important to understand the role of stress and learn how eliminate it.

Stress is a biological response experienced on encountering a perceived threat. The body releases hormones, predominantly cortisol and adrenaline, which help prepare it to take action, for example by increasing the heart and speeding up breathing.  Many factors can trigger this Fight-or-Flight response, including dangerous situations and psychological pressures, such as work deadlines, exams, and sporting events.

This readiness to expend extra energy ideally passes quickly; however, some people find themselves in a nearly constant state of heightened alertness. This is chronic stress, which can be caused by high-pressure jobs, financial difficulties, challenging relationships — or by your thoughts and feelings, like consistently living in fear, anxiety and...

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✨Tips and Tapping to Get a Good Night’s Sleep✨

Apr 28, 2020

...One of the most important things for our health, immune response, and optimal functioning...

Are you getting good sleep these days?

Or are you...

Too Stressed to Sleep?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of our lives, including our sleep.

In this video I offer my experience, thoughts, and a tapping sequence that will support you in getting better sleep.

If you are experiencing chronic challenges with sleep there are a variety of specific tapping techniques that can be applied and often result in getting to the root cause of your inability to sleep. These techniques are most effective when working with an experienced tapping practitioner.

I'm happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your specific challenges and how I might be of assistance. Click the link below and schedule your consultation:
Wishing you a restful sleep!
Much love,
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Essential Practice to Overcome Emotional Eating ~ Make Friends with Your Emotions!

Apr 23, 2020

Essential Practice to Overcome Emotional Eating ~ Make Friends with Your Emotions!

Emotional eating is a reaction of dealing with unwanted emotions and feelings. Eating can be a way to temporarily silence or “stuff down” uncomfortable emotions, such as anger, fear and sadness.

The key is to become mindful and learn how to stay connected to your moment-to-moment emotional experience, without attaching so much importance to the story connected to these emotions.

Meridian Tapping will enable you to relax, start listening, allowing and releasing your emotions with less judgment and more acceptance and compassion.

In this video I show you how to apply Meridian Tapping aka EFT to evolve and release destressing and disturbing emotions.

Get my Free E Book, Three Essential Practices to Overcome Emotional Eating here:

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Change Mental Patterns to Release Excess Weight Forever

Mar 03, 2020

Change Mental Patterns to Release Excess Weight Forever

Are you tired of diets that do not work? Have you tried all the weight loss pills and medications or even considered surgery?

The good news is that you can achieve your perfect weight, naturally and easily... and stay that way, forever!

Most weight loss diets fail, as you may have experienced yourself. Even with those that seem to work, the benefits are often short-term, the weight coming back on a few months later. Weight loss pills and medication carry health risks and do not resolve the real issues.  As a last resort, weight loss surgery often provides the answer, however this "weight loss fix" is just that, it imposes a solution onto the body, the symptom is fixed but the problem is still there.

We may know what we need to do, but we cannot find the momentum to act. The root of the problem is likely to be the beliefs and mental patterns that sabotage us and keep us from reaching and maintaining our health and wellness...

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Maria LiPuma Interview with Locals Guide

Jan 02, 2020

Interview with Locals Guide Fall 2015

Maria LiPuma, Weight & Body Confidence Coach

Introducing Maria LiPuma, weight and body confidence coach with a practice here in Ashland, Oregon focusing on helping women shed false perceptions and develop healthy attitudes toward food, weight & body image.  New to the Rogue Valley Maria is passionate about her life's work and brings a unique understanding of the pain and struggle that women often face in regards to weight and body image.

After years of suffering herself from the very issues she now treats, Maria offers an enormous amount of professional experience as well as compassion in helping her clients make significant changes to live healthier, happier lives.  We spoke with Maria recently to learn more about her services and about the path she is able to offer to those wanting to find another way.

Thanks for talking with us Maria.  How did you come to this work?

My personal struggles with weight,...

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