How to Apply Tapping to Release Resistance

Jun 22, 2020
Meridian Tapping to Release Resistance and Get On With Your Life
If you are procrastinating, putting something off, making excuses and/or avoiding taking steps that align with your best self, it is likely that you are experiencing resistance.

Maybe you are unable to make or follow through with good health choices for your body. Like eating nourishing foods, drinking plenty of water, movement/exercise and good sleep. Or you are avoiding that project that you like to get done. How about that phone call that needs to take place?

When we are experiencing resistance, trying harder is often futile and in the end does not enable us to take the next step(s) on our path to physical, emotional & spiritual health and overall well being. The problem is you have underlying beliefs, blocks that are keeping you stuck. 
In this video I guide you in applying meridian tapping to release the underlying blocks that are keeping you stuck, thus allowing you to take the...
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Tapping to Release Fear of Change and Get on With Your Life

May 18, 2020

Is fear keeping you stuck and unable to take actions that support the best version of yourself?

One of the biggest obstacles I see in my practice is the fear of change. In some or many ways it is so much easier and familiar living the same, even if the current habits, conditions and circumstances are not working well and are even painful. Often the pain of the familiar self-destructive behavior has to be so great in order to become willing to make the jump from familiar to the unknown.

Changing your daily habits and developing more self-respect will likely change all of your relationships. When embarking on the journey to heal your dysfunctional relationship with food, weight and body image, you will likely be led to address other dysfunctional relationships in your life. When you recover from the fog of overeating you begin to see your world with more clarity and insight. The changes you make might threaten some of your relationships.  However, if you persevere and learn to...

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