Stop Emotional Eating, Essential Practice: Eat Breakfast with Protein

Jun 03, 2020

Women who struggle with emotional eating and uncontrollable food cravings typically are in the habit of not eating breakfast. Many say they don't like breakfast or aren't hungry in the morning.

Sometimes you do seem to feel better without breakfast. That's because when you don't eat for eight or ten hours, your body thinks you are moving towards starvation mode and releases beta-endorphins to protect you from the pain of it. Beta-endorphins have a euphoric and confidence-building effect, but it’s only temporary. In the moment, not eating breakfast makes you feel strong and lean. But the beta-endorphins mask dropping blood sugar levels, and soon you crash. Your body responds with a strong craving and you are likely to eat anything.

In addition, stress hormones kick in when you have gone too long without nourishment. The hormones released during stress include adrenaline, which gives instant energy and decreases appetite at first, yet the effects don't last long either.


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Tapping to Release Fear & Worry and Stay Connected to Your Inner Guidance

Apr 01, 2020

Tapping to Release Fear & Worry and Stay Connected to Your Inner Guidance

Tap Along with Me

I hope you are well and taking good care of yourself! 

I'm sharing a video here that I recently posted on Facebook. I have been going "live" on Facebook every Monday morning at 10 am. (If you want to join me "like" my Facebook page, Body Confidence Solution, the link is below). The past couple of weeks I have been sharing Tapping tips and support as many are experiencing fear and worry in light of the Corona Virus.

In this video I show you how to apply meridian tapping to release fear & worry, strengthen your immune system and stay connected to your Inner Guidance System that will lead you to your next best step.

Tap Along with Me! 

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