Research Finds EFT Reduces Anxiety & Depression

Jun 01, 2020

Given the state of affairs here in the US and elsewhere many people are experiencing distressing and disturbing emotions.

If you are struggling with anxiety and depression, applying Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka Tapping can be a simple and effective way to experience relief!

In an article published in "Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice August 2017", “Secondary psychological outcomes in a controlled trial of Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka Tapping) and cognitive behavior therapy in the treatment of food cravings.” Anxiety and depression scores significantly decreased from pre-to post-intervention for the EFT group, and were maintained at 6- and 12-month follow-up.

In my practice I have witnessed first-hand how Emotional Freedom Techniques can relieve anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Below are some additional highlights from the study:

  • First controlled non-inferiority trial to examine the effectiveness of two psychological interventions,...

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