KSKQ Ashland/Medford Radio Interview with Maria LiPuma

Sep 02, 2020

Modern Energy Master Practitioner and Trainer, Maria LiPuma, Radio Interview with Karen Maleski Community Health Segment on KSKQ Ashland/Medford, August 21, 2020

Listen to my interview where I discuss:

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • The Science behind Tapping
  • Modern Energy Tapping
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Rewiring the Brain
  • Stress & Trauma
  • Changing patterns of thought
  • Yoga
  • Ho'oponopono
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EFT Can End the Fear of Flying! EFT in the News ...

Aug 29, 2020

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka Tapping in the news! 

How THIS technique can end a fear of flying - with the Duchess of Cornwall a fan...
"FEAR OF flying can ruin a trip when it comes to flying long-haul, yet a new technique that even the Duchess of Cornwall employs could end it once and for all."

Read the article Here: Fear of Flying, Duchess of Cornwall  

Although there are many aspects that often need to be addressed and cleared when applying EFT to overcome the fear of flying, there are many people who have used this technique to overcome their fear of flying. 

In this video Whoopi Goldberg tells The View how she enrolled in Sir Richard Branson's "Flying Without Fear" program to conquer her fear of flying. This program utilities Thought Field Therapy, and is is based on the teachings of Dr. Roger Callahan. Tapping therapies such as EFT and TFT provide relief from anxiety and stress which was once caused by flying. 

Watch the video...

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✨Emotional Eating: Understand the Role of Stress and Eliminate it ✨

Jul 24, 2020

Stress is a biological response experienced on encountering a perceived threat. The body releases hormones, predominantly cortisol and adrenaline, which help prepare it to take action, for example by increasing the heart and speeding up breathing.  Many factors can trigger this Fight-or-Flight response, including dangerous situations and psychological pressures, such as work deadlines, exams, and sporting events.

This readiness to expend extra energy ideally passes quickly; however, some people find themselves in a nearly constant state of heightened alertness. This is chronic stress, which can be caused by high-pressure jobs, financial difficulties, challenging relationships — or by your thoughts and feelings, like consistently living in fear, anxiety and worry.  A long list of symptoms has been associated with chronic stress: among them, but certainly not all, are extreme fatigue, headaches, and difficulty sleeping, digestive problems, changes in appetite and...

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How to Apply Surrogate Tapping

Jul 17, 2020

How to Apply Surrogate Tapping

Surrogate Tapping or Proxy Tapping is tapping for or on behalf of someone else. It can be done for another person, a company or group, an animal or even an aspect of yourself.

It's a wonderful way to help someone you care about or heal and evolve a difficult relationship.

In this video I teach you how to apply surrogate tapping.

Surrogate tapping is a delightful gift offering to those you care about and to yourself!

Watch this video and follow along with me.

If you are new to Tapping to learn more watch this video:  https://www.bodyconfidencesolutions.com/blog/Tapping-EFT

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How to Apply Tapping to Release Resistance

Jun 22, 2020
Meridian Tapping to Release Resistance and Get On With Your Life
If you are procrastinating, putting something off, making excuses and/or avoiding taking steps that align with your best self, it is likely that you are experiencing resistance.

Maybe you are unable to make or follow through with good health choices for your body. Like eating nourishing foods, drinking plenty of water, movement/exercise and good sleep. Or you are avoiding that project that you like to get done. How about that phone call that needs to take place?

When we are experiencing resistance, trying harder is often futile and in the end does not enable us to take the next step(s) on our path to physical, emotional & spiritual health and overall well being. The problem is you have underlying beliefs, blocks that are keeping you stuck. 
In this video I guide you in applying meridian tapping to release the underlying blocks that are keeping you stuck, thus allowing you to take the...
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✨ Self Love ~ Learn to Love Your Body✨

May 06, 2020

Learning to love your body is fundamental to positive self esteem and body confidence.

In this week's video, I share a perspective and some practices that have enabled me and many of my clients to heal their relationship with their body, and start treating ourselves with love, honor, and respect.

Wishing you self-love!

Much love,


If you are new to Tapping check out my video, What is Tapping? here: https://www.bodyconfidencesolutions.com/blog/Tapping-EFT

To learn more about Maria and Body Confidence Solutions go here: https://www.bodyconfidencesolutions.com/

Get My free e Book, Three Practices to Overcome Emotional Eating here: https://www.bodyconfidencesolutions.com/three-essential-practices

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Research finds EFT aka Tapping Effective for Insomnia

Apr 29, 2020

Research finds EFT aka Tapping Effective for Insomnia

By Maria LiPuma

Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night?  Are you falling asleep and waking up unable to get back  to sleep again?  If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, know that you are not alone.  In our modern, fast-paced world insomnia is an ever-growing problem. There are an estimated 70 million Americans suffering from some form of sleep difficulty, with about 10% of the population suffering from severe, chronic, debilitating insomnia. About 9 million Americans are relying on sleeping pills to get to sleep. The problem is even more prevalent in our senior population, with over one-half of adults over 60 reporting chronic sleep issues.

To add to this most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of our lives, including our sleep.

Good sleep has profound, far-reaching benefits on health and well-being, which are not fully appreciated...

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Essential Practice to Overcome Emotional Eating ~ Make Friends with Your Emotions!

Apr 23, 2020

Essential Practice to Overcome Emotional Eating ~ Make Friends with Your Emotions!

Emotional eating is a reaction of dealing with unwanted emotions and feelings. Eating can be a way to temporarily silence or “stuff down” uncomfortable emotions, such as anger, fear and sadness.

The key is to become mindful and learn how to stay connected to your moment-to-moment emotional experience, without attaching so much importance to the story connected to these emotions.

Meridian Tapping will enable you to relax, start listening, allowing and releasing your emotions with less judgment and more acceptance and compassion.

In this video I show you how to apply Meridian Tapping aka EFT to evolve and release destressing and disturbing emotions.

Get my Free E Book, Three Essential Practices to Overcome Emotional Eating here: https://www.bodyconfidencesolutions.com/three-essential-practices

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✨ How to Stop Compulsive Eating ✨

Apr 19, 2020

How to Stop Compulsive Eating

Compulsive Eating During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Are you turning to excess food for comfort and solace during this time of social distancing and emotional intensity? Are you compelled to binge-eating and stuffing yourself with foods that are not aligned with your health and fitness goals?

Although compulsive eating may temporarily relieve stress and anxiety, it also brings feelings of regret, remorse, shame and guilt.

In this video I share the important strategies and a tapping sequence that have enabled me and so many of my clients to stop compulsive eating and make peace with food.

And because compulsive eating and emotional eating are closely related, you will want to get my Free E Book, Three Essential Practices to Overcome Emotional Eating. It is a deeper dive into three empowering practices that will support you in putting an end to emotional and compulsive eating. However, knowing what to do and being able to do it are often two separate...

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✨ How to Apply Meridian Tapping to Release Fear ✨

Apr 15, 2020

How to Apply Meridian Tapping to Release Fear

Are you feeling overwhelmed and triggered with the "fear" virus?

In this video I guide you to apply Modern Energy Tapping to release fear so you can experience more emotional freedom and inner peace. 

During this time of uncertainty and emotional intensity, as the corona virus pandemic affects numerous facets of our society, it also impacts each person in different ways. The adjustment to changes in our daily lives are being felt by many. Feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear are easily triggered at this time.

Fear is a stress response and can often escalate and have us spinning out, projecting worst case scenarios which creates even more fear and stress. We become unreasonable and reactive. In order to get beyond fear, you want to embrace, evolve and let it go.

Tap along with me!

If you are new to Modern Energy Tapping read my blog and watch my video, What is Tapping:  ...

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