EFT Tapping to Self-Regulate


Join me in applying EFT Tapping to self-regulate.

This tapping sequence is an essential practice to set you on the path of transformation.

As human beings, we are constantly striving to change, whether to change our self-concept and be more open and accepting of our life circumstances or setting intentions and reaching goals.

However, when we strive to make changes in our lives, a part of us often resists, even if they are positive changes. We are moving out of the familiar, and this triggers a stress response.

As you calm the brain and body, you can ease into change more effectively.

This video will support your transformation process.


Want some support?

If you are feeling overly stressed, anxious and unable to calm down, contact me for a FREE consultation where we will identify your specific challenges and how I might potentially help. Book Your Free Call Here

Step onto a New Path to Health & Wellbeing!

If you are ready to end the struggle with food, weight, and body image and be free to make healthy choices that support your optimum health and self-respect. If you are ready to enjoy long-lasting, sustainable change, I have a proven method derived from many years of personal and professional experience that will get you there.

Join me for a Body Confidence Breakthrough Session. We will address the specific challenges that keep you stuck and the steps you can take to be happy, healthy, and free finally.



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