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Welcome to Body Confidence Solutions with Maria LiPuma!
Empowering women to transform their struggles with food, weight and body image into experiences of personal growth, freedom, peace and success.
This is where you will learn wonderfully simple and profound techniques that remove blockages to success, health, and happiness. Body Confidence Solutions will enable you to access the power and inspiration you need to live a life of freedom and personal fulfillment. These effective, evidence-based solutions will allow you to experience your own true sense of health and well-being.
Join a community of health-conscious women who are going beyond the struggle and doing the important work of living their best lives.

Is emotional eating sabotaging your weight, health and happiness? 

Binge-eating, overeating, uncontrollable cravings and food addictions ~ all of which use food to deal with emotions ~ are different aspects of “emotional eating”. It is a coping strategy; a person turns to food for emotional support or fulfillment. 
If you are using excess food to cope, I want you to know there is a better way!
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"Finally, I feel more centered in general and at peace, moving with more confidence and less anxiety and second-guessing."

Rebecca W.
New York, NY

"Working with Maria was a life-changing experience."

Ren H.
Ashland, OR

"The only regret I have is that I didn’t find Maria earlier. I would have saved myself so much grief."

Kathleen G.
Ashland, Oregon

"As a result of our work together, I have stopped binging, purging and doing other self-destructive behaviors. I am now able to eat without guilt. I feel my self-worth and I’m learning to love myself. Thank you, Maria! "

Lori Zee
Palms Springs, Florida

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Transform your challenges with food, weight & body image into experiences of personal growth, freedom, peace & success!

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